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My SKS build is now complete and compliant at 30 1/8" OAL with the custom brake. Thank you for the quality craftsmanship!
~Josh M.    Roseville, CA
Hands down the best AK (any variant) that you can get for the money!!!  I had Wyatt build my girlfriends AK-74. After getting it and playing with if for a few months, I was back at his place having him build me two more.  I run my guns hard and his take all the hell I give them. Wyatt is always nice and takes care of all your needs.  His custom gun finishes are some if not the best I have ever seen.  I will never have anyone else build an AK for me.
~Jesse H.    Tempe, AZ
Wyatt at Kilo Guns built me my first AK-47 folder he came highly recommended from professionals in the industry and I am glad he built my platform. Great attention to detail and explaining the work. I  have recommended him to many friends that Wyatt has been able to help. I will be working on my next project with him. Very knowledgeable and a real craftsmanship hard to find .
A real professional
~Dana J.    Scottsdale, AZ
I purchased my AK rifle from Kilo Guns 8 months ago and I am extremely satisfied with not only with the fit & finish of the firearm but also with the service provided by the craftsman, Wyatt Mahan, who custom built it. The rifle itself is in 7.62x39 caliber, has a very durable "AK Black" Gunkote finish, and wears E. German furniture. In the months I have owned the rifle, it has never failed to fire or failed to feed; it is a pleasure to shoot and receives compliments every time I am at the range. Kilo Guns is also a Veteran Owned business, Wyatt being a Marine veteran of OIF I & II. Overall a great shop with a great product.
~Doug M.    Lakewood, CO
This a great company that makes fantastic products! They worked with me on a compressed timeline so that my fiancé could get her "Audrey blue" AR furniture in time for her birthday. Emails and phone calls were responded to quickly and they were very interested in making sure that the end product was exactly what I wanted it to be. 

I will absolutely be doing business here again.
~Mason M.    Feyetteville, NC
As a long time armed professional and firearms businesses owner, I went to Kilo Guns for the absolute best in AK's and I couldn't be more satisfied! These rifles have excellent finish, the parts fit is 2nd to none and they are tight. Wyatt is a true firearm artist!
~Matt C.    Denver, CO
1,500 Rounds and still going strong! Thank You Kilo Guns!
~Bob E.    Boca Roton, FL

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