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Kilo Guns Extended Charging Handle / Bolt Knob installs on the existing charging handle to allow easier operation of your weapon. Will work on most AK 47 / AKM style rifles and pistols. Knurled steel with a Parkerized finish for non-slip grip.

Kilo Guns Extended Charging Handle / Bolt Knob

  • 1. Apply red Loctite to BOTH the set screw and the threads of the charging handle.


    2. With the bolt carrier group in the receiver, install the Extended Charging Handle onto the OEM handle and start the set screw. Using a long allen wrench, turn the set screw in as you wiggle the Extended Charging Handle to find the best location for the set screw to tighten against in the curve of the OEM handle. Minor adjustment may need to be made to clear the side of the top cover during opperation.


    3. Firmly tighten the set screw down to lock the Extended Charging Handle in place. Allow the Loctite to fully cure before use. 

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